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company news about Welljets Continuous Inkjet Printer

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Firstly the products from Welljets company are fully met the reuqirements for my factory. Quality is good, printer is stable, inks and solvents is less than other printers. Secondly, welljets provided good services to me and my workers. They trained my workers and also do the maintenance in a regular time. Thanks to Welljets Team.

—— Karmen Şirin

We bought several units of TTO printers from Welljets 3 years ago, and all these printers runs very well, we did not repair or do mainteance at all. We will keep working with Welljets company if we have new requirements.

—— Tan SengHuat

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Company News
Welljets Continuous Inkjet Printer
Latest company news about Welljets Continuous Inkjet Printer

In recent years, people have paid more and more attention to food safety. In order to reassure consumers about food safety, users will print QR codes on the packaging during production, so that consumers can check the source of products. But for manufacturers, how to choose the right inkjet equipment is particularly important.


Welljets W5600 small character inkjet printer is a continuous inkjet marking coding machine. It has a variety of high adhesion, high contrast and color inks to choose. In addition, the W5600 small character inkjet printer is specially designed to improve production efficiency, has a high availability speed, and keeps up with the production speed to ensure accurate inkjet printing on every product!

W5600 Small.jpg

Features of W5600 small character inkjet printer:


1. Stable and reliable


1. Improve production line efficiency, up to 99% availability. Weijieshi provides brand spare parts and consumables, installation and training guidance, and also provides 7x24 hours after-sales service.

2. Intelligent design to optimize TCO. Lowering total cost, the W5600 can reduce consumables usage and energy consumption (no factory air required) by 20%, reducing associated waste.

3. Clean design, efficient nozzle flushing system. Install in any position according to production needs.

4. Uninterrupted production. Accurate consumable balance display and efficient replacement ensure long-lasting uptime.

5. Reduce cleaning times and win longer running time. The new stainless steel one-piece print head design brings easier print head cleaning operations and avoids print head failure.

6. The consumption of consumables is low, reducing the number of replacement consumables and increasing industrial production capacity.


2. simple, anti-misoperation


1. It only takes a few minutes to start, and it runs in three shifts, uninterrupted production. 10-inch touch screen navigation, easy to operate.

2. Intelligent consumables management, no need to set. Eliminate cartridge handling errors with the one-piece cartridge design. Automated supplies management ensures cleanliness and safety, preventing incorrect prints from ink and cartridge errors.

3. Standard color touch screen. Optimize the mature and intuitive user interface, you can edit the identification information with a light touch on the 10-inch touch screen.

4. Set the print file and information protection. Local-language online instruction systems will guide you through the steps to ensure that signs are printed that meet your needs.

5. Easily track operating costs through the intelligent monitoring system. User interface menus provide access to maintenance and production history, including availability rates, additive consumption, and real-time warnings. Set access and password management permissions according to needs, and more management options.


The W5600 small character inkjet printer is designed to comprehensively improve the production line efficiency of manufacturers. The printing speed of the W5600 small character inkjet printer is 20% faster than similar products in the market, and the consumption of inkjet consumables and energy is reduced by 20%. It saves energy and reduces emissions, pursues high quality and traceability, and protects the environment while reducing production costs.


W5600 series of small character inkjet printers not only provide high-quality printing, but also provide solutions for product traceability, product anti-counterfeiting, and corporate promotional activities. It can be used in electronic products, daily chemicals, food, wine and other industries, cans, plastic bottles, electronic components, cosmetic bottles, bottle caps, snack packaging bags, milk packaging boxes and other products.


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